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Solar Pumping Station - Logasol KS series 105 110 120
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Solar Controls and Sensors - TR0301U FM244
When is the best time to install a solar heating system?
The SUN is back as an alternative method of supplementing any homes conventional heating needs.
A new generation of solar technology can provide a valuable and renewable resource for heating domestic hot water and supplementing central heating systems. The new solar systems can match any size family or home to equipment capable of providing performance, reliability, and longevity. The system components are manufactured in Germany by the Buderus Company. Buderus has 25 years of solar heating experience and innovation. The Federal tax credit for installing solar heating equipment is 30% of the entire cost of either a residential or commercial installation..
The Solar system has four components that can match any systems requirements.
The SKS 4.0 high performance flat plat collector has a hermetically sealed composite frame filled with inert gas. They also have a Highly Selective coating that improves absorption and thermal conduction. These collectors can be mounted horizontally or vertically on the roof. This decision will be based on roof pitch, roof space, panel pitch (Aximuth), southern exposure, panel performance, and esthetic value with the home.
There are three KS series pumping stations available depending on the number of solar collectors in the system. The pumping station transfers solar flud from the roof collectors to the storage tank. It is pre-assembled and includes temperature gauges, circulator pump, relief valve, expansion tank, and a system for filling and purging.
There are three tanks available from Buderus, two tanks are designed for heating and storing domestic hot water. The SM300 indirect storage tank holds 79 gallons and is designed for a two collector system. The SM400 holds 103 gallons and is designed for a three collector system. Both tanks have 2 heat exchangers, thermoglazing and magnesium anode for corrosion protection and low heat loss due to a high thermal insulation blanket. The PL750/2S holds 200 gallons for storing space heating water. This tank is used to supplement your central heating system. When the domestic hot water demand is satisfied, any extra additional energy produced by the solar panels is used to heat the home.
The solar control system monitors both solar fluid temperature and storage tank temperature and regulates the operation of the pumping station and the backup heating source. The TR0301U is a differential temperature control with three sensor inputs and automatic pump protection. The FM244 is a module designed for the Logomatic 2107 outdoor reset control that is used to control the solar pumping station and a low temperature boiler.
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