With our Degree Day System we can accurately calculate your fuel oil usage and ensure you of timely deliveries.
Our computerized system maintains a complete record of your fuel oil usage and all service work performed at your house.
Service Plan #1 is a complete cleaning of the boiler and burner unit. We will vacuum the interior of the boiler, and the smoke pipe from the boiler to the chimney base. We will replace all the fuel oil filtering parts, including the nozzles and filters. We will lubricate all necessary parts and ensure your heating unit is running efficiently.

Service plan #2 is the same complete cleaning of the boiler and burner unit as our Plan #1 plus a service contract. The contract includes the free replacement of a schedule of parts that guarantee the burner's operation. And three free hours of labor, during regular business hours, for the same schedule of parts.

Emergency Service
During the heating season we offer a 24 hour no heat emergency service. That means any time of the night your call will be promptly dispatched to our service technicians, and you will receive a return phone call within 30 minutes. During the summer months you can still reach us 24 hours a day with the same return call policy and we will provide service 7 days a week from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.
Regular Payment Plan
Your account will be billed for all fuel oil sales and burner service. Our regular billing cycle is a Terms 30 day system.

Budget Payment Plan
This program divides your annual fuel oil usage into 10 equal payments. This program is very popular because it allows you to better budget your monthly finances. The budget start month is July; however, it can be changed depending on our needs.

Pre-purchase Oil Program
Purchase all or part of your annual fuel oil requirements at one guaranteed price. You can purchase as little as 500 gallons or your entire season's usage and help stabilize your home heating costs.
Underground Storage Tanks
We offer a fuel oil storage tank maintenance agreement. It will provide up to $100,000 for an environmental clean up resulting from a discharge from your fuel oil tank or associated piping. The program will also provide an allowance towards the replacement of your existing storage tank. This program offers great protection and piece of mind.

Above Ground Storage Tanks
This program is similarto the underground tank agreement. It will provide $50,000 for an environmental clean up and tank replacement, only at a lesser cost. Even tanks above ground should not be without this valuable protection.
Breaking News!
Because of recent changes enacted by the state, almost all New Jersey homeowners are now eligible to receive funds to upgrade their underground storage tank. Please visit this link for more information from
HIC License #: 13VH01229400
NJDEP License #: US477218